How to Invite More Fans to your Business Facebook Page

Starting a Facebook page is one surefire method of business promotion. The wonder of developing a business page is that you can update people of your promos and bargains. You can also post creative contents to encourage them to buy from you. After all, if you can reach out to your audience, your business is likely to be a success buy Twitter followers.

But fans do not magically come to your page after casting a spell; rather, you need to do the real work. Also, do not get lulled by thinking that you can just create a page and invite all your Facebook friends to support you. If you are after real business success, then you must learn how to target the proper fan base. So below are some tricks you can work on to start attracting people towards your business Facebook page.

Use Facebook Widgets on your Site
Choose among Facebook social plugins that you can incorporate into your website. This plugin useful to display a selection of your fans and to present your updated fan page stream. To make the widget more effective in driving more fans, add a good title above the box, like something that encourage them to take action and to “like” your page.

Add Encouraging Welcome Video for your Landing Loss
The video should be something that explains what the page is about. Something that explains why someone should like the page will become a sure hit. By investing your time making a video, you can eventually convert visitors into fans.

Use Email and Ezine Subscribers for your Advantage
If you have an opt-in email list then you can help promote your Facebook page by sending out shower invitations. Enable them to learn something about your page by summing up the right reasons why they need to join. Plan out some pay outs too, while this may not at all times be monetary in nature, but something that will get them informed about something critical and interesting about life.

Encourage your current Fans to promote your site
Although you won’t literally ask them to do so, but you can let them work on something that will actually make them work for your advantage. For one, allow fans to tag photos on your page. This will appear on their timeline, hence encouraging their friends to that you too. So the rule is ty trying photos that are creatively attractive. Hire photography fans if you may but never belittle what a photo can do to your company success.

Run a Match and get Instant Fans
What a means to attract visitors to your site but to offer challenges that will catch everyone’s attention? Ask visitors to like your page before they can enter the match. You do not need to spend grand amount of cash to do this, just simple creative tokens will do well.